Saturday, March 31, 2007

knitting and the newspaper

Today all the founders met and had a great ole' time with Rebecca Starke, reporter from Horizons, the Housatonic Community College newspaper.
We shared with her tid bits of our groups origin and what keep our group going and motivated. We told of how knitting helps us keep in tune and how knitting is an age old craft that goes far back into history. We talked of various things and had a ball because it all was so easy and felt natural ...Best of all Rebecca learned to knit and seems to be kind of hook. Thank you for hooking up with he Knottie Hotties Rebecca!

"It's getting hot out there!!! I wanna take my clothes off." Ok ah, hmmm, well not all my clothes , but my thick wools and sweats and then perhaps i'll slip into something a little softer, cooler and airy cotton !!!!

Time for tanks and tubes and sandals ladies !!!! But don't let the weather deter you , why not finish up on the lingering winter project and tuck it away for when it gets chilly again or as a holiday give away?

Today Atarah learned a new way to increase on her baby blanket using Knit in front the back technique and was quite please with her results, Jannene came along to offer moral support and get filled in on office politics and drama and Nasheikah finally got busy on weaving in the ends of the multidirectional NORO scarf she completed weeks ago !!!!!

Rebecca,our guest reporter and the newest knottie hottie, was the winner of the fabulous "Hottie" sun visor. She is working on her first piece of knitting in lion cotton on size 5 needles, she is debating on what she wants it to become ....stay tuned for her progress!

Knit On!

see you on the 14th of APRIL

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