Tuesday, January 9, 2007

What's poppin' !


Our end of the year get together was a success. My apology goes to the hotties who were locked 0ut of the college. We were equally shocked to arrive at the college and see it closed. We left a note on the door and quickly motioned over to the library , next door...The librarians welcomed us with open arms and even provided us an amazing class room with long tables for our crafting and snacks. We had a blast and talked and munched on Atarah's amazing apple sauce bread and sipped warm tea....Tasty ! Thank You 'Atarah ! Are you sharing the recipe ?

We have a few pics to show ..More to come...Just having technical difficulties with the camera at the moment ..Shout outs to the ever Fabulous Knottie Hotties in attendance : Katie, Atarah, Carine, Lavine, Malasia , Nasheikah .....

Our next knit-up is 1-20-07 ..
Join us....
email for details...

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Evin G. said...


My name is Gamal and I learned to crochet over Thanksgiving 2006 ... my mom gave me the 5-minute version and that's pretty much all I know how to do. I want to get better and start making things.

My girlfriend and I would like to join you guys, but we can't find out where the location is ; )

It said to email you, but I didn't see any email link, so this was my next play. You can email me back @ gamalprather@gmail.com